As the cycle of our Salicornias goes on, they are modified. Through the use of the magnifying glass of the UNPSJB Herbarium, it was possible to observe more clearly different aspects of the plants related to the stage in which they are found.

In the first photo, the salt glands present in the Salicornias can be seen in a tender jar, these are responsible for their halophilic behavior. The second photo corresponds to a cross-section of a branch where it can be seen that the change in its external coloration and its lignified interior. The third photo also corresponds to a cross-section, but in this case the violet coloration of the fabrics can be observed, this is a distinctive characteristic of the Salicornias.

In the fourth photo you can see the location of the seeds while the plant begins to dry out, once dry as shown in image 5 they are ready for dispersal.